Shame and Sexuality

Written by Caitlin Chow-Ise (she/they), Creator of @thes3xtalk For today’s article, I want to talk about shame and sexuality. Most of the questions I get as an educator are tinged with shame. Many of them contain sentences along the lines of: “what’s wrong with me?” and “I feel bad about what I want.” I think… Continue reading Shame and Sexuality

Art Museum Day

by Rachel James was leaving for his month-long army training soon. He was busy with work and prepping for his National Guard officer program, but we carved out time for a date. I knew I’d miss him wildly once he left. Looking back, I realized this day was one of the very last times that… Continue reading Art Museum Day

Black Friday 2021

Here are some of our deals for Black Friday 2021. B-Vibe – 20% off and Free Pin, Stickers, and LubeDame – 20% off and Free Zee BulletFemme Funn- Free FFIX Bullet XLFun Factory – 20% off and Free Fun Factory Toy BagHot Octopuss – 20% off and Free Silicone CuffsLelo- 20% OffLe Wand – 20% off… Continue reading Black Friday 2021

The Benefits of Lube Use

Written by Caitlin Chow-Ise (she/they), Creator of @thes3xtalk Lube is always the most important purchase at any sex shop. Without lube, you can forget about any toys or partnered sex. So, if you’re not already investing in lube, read on! You might be wondering, what does lube do? Well, as the name implies, it is… Continue reading The Benefits of Lube Use


Written by Laila Jones I didn’t want to go out, but my friends were over my hermit antics. I sat on my bed wearing a towel around my body and I pulled off my shower cap.  My twist out puffed out, still defined and voluminous.  I looked at my reflection and gave myself a pep… Continue reading Dorian

A Wicked Smile

Written by Laila Jones A wicked smile danced on her lips as they stumbled to kick their shoes off and make it to the leather couch in the den.  She stepped back to take all of him in, he was so sexy.  He licked his lips and slowly unbuttoned his dress shirt. The tie and… Continue reading A Wicked Smile

5 Oral Simulators

Satisfyer Curvy 2+ Satisfyer Curvy 2+ is a new offering from Satisfyer. The Curvy 2+ was released on 12/18/20. It has a sleek modern design and is offered in pink and white. The Curvy 2+ is a great option with a price of $39.95. One of the most exciting features of the Curvy is that it… Continue reading 5 Oral Simulators

A Long Day

By Laila Jones Cynthia parks the car and rushes into the house.  There is nothing more she wants to do then peel off her bra and take a hot shower.  Her work day at the hospital was rough to say the least.  The horrible start to the day was someone bumping into her as she… Continue reading A Long Day


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