I thought about you

by Rachel James I met Isaac a few years ago at the end of August of 2019. We had an incredible first date and ended up seeing each other casually for a little while. I really liked him. Really, really liked him. So I got up the courage to ask if he’d be interested in… Continue reading I thought about you

New Product – Sensual Self: Prompts and Practices for Getting In Touch With Your Body

A self-paced hardcover journal offering guidance to those seeking reconnection with their pleasure, featuring 150+ prompts to help readers define sensuality for themselves.Pleasure transcends sexuality; Sensual Self is here to help you embrace it. This guided journal is a self-written manual for your unique sensuality. With interactive, thought-provoking questions, you’ll be guided to map and explore the… Continue reading New Product – Sensual Self: Prompts and Practices for Getting In Touch With Your Body

8 Tips for Safer Sex

Photo by cottonbro studio In honor of STI Awareness Month, here are 8 tips for safer sex: 1.Use protection such as condoms, oral dams, or other barriers during sexual activity. 2. Get tested for STIs regularly and encourage your partner to do the same. 3. Avoid sharing sex toys and, if you do, use a… Continue reading 8 Tips for Safer Sex

New Product-Ohnut Vibrating

All the squish and stretch of a regular Ohnut ring, now with a powerful (but quiet) little motor. With its hands-free design and easy integration with Ohnut buffer rings, you can worry less and focus on what matters most. Use the vibrating ring with or without Ohnut Buffer Rings! Explore 7 different patterns and intensities… Continue reading New Product-Ohnut Vibrating


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