Art Museum Day

by Rachel

Photo by Denise Duplinski from Pexels

James was leaving for his month-long army training soon. He was busy with work and prepping for his National Guard officer program, but we carved out time for a date. I knew I’d miss him wildly once he left. Looking back, I realized this day was one of the very last times that James and I fucked. He broke up with me after he returned from his month away. But on art museum day, I had no idea that he’d soon break my heart. All I knew was that I fucking loved him and how adored and desired he made me feel. 

Anyway, we got free tickets to a local art museum. I waited for him in front of the building. I had dressed up a bit for the occasion – I wore a short floral dress with sandals, and I had on a lacy, dainty, mint green bralette underneath. Plus some biker shorts to prevent chub rub. You know, the usual. He came into view and smiled as he walked toward me. I stood on my tiptoes for a kiss. His pale blue eyes sparkled in the blazing summer sun. It had been a few days since we’d last seen each other.  

We spent a couple of hours wandering around the museum, admiring the exhibits, and making inappropriate jokes about a few paintings before I reached the end of my museum stamina. I can only visit a museum for about two hours before I lose my patience and just want to leave. James didn’t know this about me – it was our first time at a museum together – so he was both surprised and amused when I came down with a case of the giggles and lost my ability to pay attention to the art. We stopped by the cafe for coffee and a muffin. Our knees bumped under the narrow table and we watched the summer storm brewing outside. 

We held hands and ventured out into the heat to walk across the city to my apartment. The air outside felt thick and sticky with humidity. We were sweaty as fuck by the time we arrived. We climbed the stairs up to the third floor and headed straight to the fridge for a blessed drink of cold water. Our faces flushed magenta from the walk. Since we were both broke, homebodies, and very into the sexual side of our relationship, we actually didn’t go out very often. Our dates usually consisted of cooking dinner together or watching a movie in bed. It was rare for us to spend that much time together without having sex. 

We chugged our tall glasses of water and set them down on the counter. Condensation dripped down the sides of the cups; beads of sweat dripped all the way down my back. I swiped a hand across my dewy forehead. We laughed, knowing it was kind of ridiculous to take such a long walk on a day like today. Then he leaned down to kiss me.

I’d been waiting for this kiss all day without even knowing it. He kissed me forcefully, passionately, deeply, and I stepped closer to press myself up against him. I could already feel him getting hard through our various layers of clothing. God, I loved how hard he got for me. The familiar taste of his lips on mine and his hands on my back simultaneously sated my craving for him and made me want more. He tugged my dress up so he could grab my ass. 

“Go to your room,” he whispered authoritatively. 

“Okay. I mean, yes, Daddy,” I said, breathless. 

We stood in the middle of my room and kissed again before he took off his shirt. I kneeled in front of him, put a hand to his belt, undoing it when he nodded his approval. He pulled down his shorts and briefs. Being together for almost seven months did nothing to alleviate my reaction to seeing his body. Lean, muscular, freckly, ginger-haired, long legs, tight round ass, solar system tattoo on his left shoulder, perfectly proportioned long and girthy cock. Yum. I teased him a little and kissed a trail along his hips, thighs, and belly before I started licking his cock. I held his shaft in one hand and lapped along his length the way a cat laps up water. I narrowed my focus to the sensitive spot beneath the head of his cock. I flicked it gently with the tip of my tongue, over and over again. I passed a broad, flat tongue over the tip of his cock and tasted that first bit of precum. I looked up at him. It was so satisfying to see the pleasure written plainly across his face. He looked me in the eyes and gave me a little smile when I took his cock into my mouth. I gathered my saliva along my lips and let it drip down along his shaft so I could wrap my hand around the base and stroke in tandem while I sucked. A few moments of steady bobbing back and forth passed. I had plenty of practice giving head – the fact that I couldn’t deepthroat took nothing away from my abilities. 

James asked me to stop, lest he cum in my mouth too soon. I stood up. I lifted my dress off over my head. 

“That’s pretty. I like this,” James said, reaching out to touch my lingerie. 

“Thanks, I thought you would,” I said, giggling a little. I unfastened the clasp and peeled the delicate lace away from my skin where the sweat made it stick. I bent down to shimmy out of my damp biker shorts and panties. 

James devoured my body with his eyes. He pushed me so I fell back onto the bed. He tugged at my hair, forcing my head to the side so he could kiss my neck. I felt him kiss me and nick me lightly with his teeth. I moaned. 

His practiced fingers quickly landed between my legs. I spread my knees apart to give him more access. After so much anticipation that day, my cunt was engorged, juicy, fragrant, and ready. 

“Can you feel how wet I am for you, Daddy?” I asked.

“God, yes, princess,” he answered. That sweet term of endearment made me feel cherished, adored. 

I thrusted my hips toward him as a way of telling him I wanted more. He dipped a finger shallowly inside my hole and swept my juices upward to use as lube while he rubbed my clit. James stroked me rhythmically, increasing the pace and pressure until I asked him to go slower and softer, please, because it became too much. My clit is too sensitive for such intense direct stimulation. He obliged, and I let out a sigh of longing. He slipped his finger back inside me, pushing further this time – as far as he could go. 

“How many fingers is that?” I asked.


“Could you add another, please?”

“How’s this, babygirl?” he asked, steadily sliding two fingers into my waiting cunt, forcing a groan of pleasure from me. 

“That – that feels good,” I panted. The width of his two fingers filled me more than just the one, though of course not as much as his cock. I whimpered as he rocked them in and out of me, pressing the heel of his hand against my clit on the outward strokes. I reached down between us to find his cock, grasping it and stroking it, relishing the pulsation of his arousal. 

“Do you want to get on top?” James asked.

“Yes, Daddy.” I was excited. 

He withdrew his fingers from my drenched cunt and laid down on the bed. I climbed on top of him. I showered him with kisses and tasted the salty sweat beading on his skin. I held his cock and positioned it against my entrance. His hungry eyes met mine as I slowly lowered myself down, feeling his girth stretch me and fill me completely once I took his entire length inside me. Joyful moans escaped both of us. 

“God, you’re so tight,” he sighed. I wanted to lean down and kiss him, but he put his hands on my chest to keep me upright and ensure that his cock was buried as deeply as it could possibly go. 

“Is it too much?” he asked me.

“No,” I gasped. His long, thick cock filled me almost to the point of pain. Just how I liked it. 

“That’s my good girl,” James smiled, letting me lean down against him. 

I hugged my knees to his sides and started to move. A little bit up and down, but mostly back and forth for the euphoric combination of riding his cock and grinding against him. One clumsy movement and he slipped out of me, and we quickly re-adjusted.

“Every second I’m not inside you is a waste,” he whispered in my ear. 

James took my wrists and held them behind my back, effectively taking away my ability to control my movements. His other arm held me tight against his chest. Immobilized, I squealed when he started thrusting hard into me, fucking me hard, deep, and fast.

“Oww, Daddy!” My words were muffled against his shoulder.

“Does that hurt, princess?” he growled. “I’m a sadist, remember?”

I could only respond with an incoherent cry. The more he manhandled me, the wetter I became, and he kept fucking me furiously until I begged him to stop. 

“Oh, you’re sensitive, huh?” he smirked. I whimpered. After a moment of resting there on his chest, with him still hot and hard inside me, my hips started moving again, in my typical slower rhythm. He softly ran a hand down my back and across my shoulders, stroked my hair gently, and pulled me in for a kiss. I felt the pressure building within me, that telltale sign that I might come soon. I closed my eyes and focused on nurturing that feeling, doing everything I could to make sure my pussy was being moved and touched in all the right ways. With a primal, uncontrollable grunt, I knew the impending crescendo was but a moment away. James braced himself – he didn’t want to come until I did, but he was close. He groaned with the effort of postponing his own orgasm for the sake of mine. 

“I’m so close, Daddy, I’m gonna come – I’m coming -” I gasped as my cunt clenched around his cock. The involuntary muscle spasms shot sparks of pleasure through my body. My eyes shut tightly and I pressed my face into the crook of his neck. I trembled and moaned and my hips gradually stilled. My pussy quivered and fluttered more and more slowly, eventually fading out, leaving a haze of satisfaction behind. I kissed James forcefully, brushing my tongue over his, catching his lower lip between my teeth. He cupped a hand on the back of my head to gently pull my face closer to his. He purposely flexed his cock so that I felt it twitch inside me, which made me jump a little. I giggled. 

“Now what can I do for you?” I asked him.

“Since you’ve been such a good girl for me today, I’ll let you pick. Where do you want me to come, princess?” 

“I want you to come in my pussy.”

“Yeah? You want me to fill your little pussy up with my come, don’t you?”

“Yes, Daddy,” I mumbled, blushing. 

“Then get on your knees for me, babygirl,” he ordered.

I withdrew his cock from my cunt slowly, sad to be apart, even if only for a few seconds. I followed Daddy’s command and positioned myself on the bed on my hands and knees. James kneeled behind me and placed the tip of his cock against my entrance, teasing, before sliding into me in one smooth motion. He fucked me roughly. He always liked fucking me after I came because my pussy was wetter and more open for him, which made it all the better for both of us. He thrust into me harder, and I lost my balance, landing face down on the bed. James held me down and filled me, over and over, until he came deep inside me. His hot come filled my cunt, which gave me so much pleasure that I very nearly came again. 

He rested his body atop mine for a few moments before sliding his cock out of me and rolling over. Breath ragged, bodies completely glazed with sweat, skin flushed. 

“Oh my god,” I gasped.

An expression of deep satisfaction graced each of our faces. We looked at each other, smiling and laughing, giddy. 

“Fuuuuuck, that was amazing,” James said. “C’mere.” He beckoned me closer. 

Our cuddling lasted for all of ten seconds before we realized it was far too hot for that. 

“Guess I should go turn on the air conditioning,” I realized. We’d been relying on a measly fan this whole time, which is certainly not enough after a long walk and an energetic fuck on a summer afternoon. 

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