8 Tips for Safer Sex

Photo by cottonbro studio

In honor of STI Awareness Month, here are 8 tips for safer sex:

1.Use protection such as condoms, oral dams, or other barriers during sexual activity.

    2. Get tested for STIs regularly and encourage your partner to do the same.

    3. Avoid sharing sex toys and, if you do, use a new condom on the toy for each partner.

    4. Discuss your sexual history and any potential risk factors with your partner before engaging in sexual activity.

    5. Avoid having unprotected sex with new partners until you both have been tested.

    6. Know the signs and symptoms of STIs and seek medical attention immediately if you experience any.

    7. Be open and honest with your healthcare provider about your sexual history, as they can provide valuable advice and resources.

    8. Remember, there is no shame in prioritizing your sexual health and safety, and it is always okay to say no to anything that makes you uncomfortable or puts you at risk.

    What safer sex tips would you add to this list?

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