Alone At Last

by Shy. Not Shy…

“Alone at last, I settle at the corner of my bed, opposite my full length mirror admiring the lust in the deep brown eyes meeting mine, the twinkling lights above glisten in gold on the chocolate velvet covering every inch of her body. And even though I know it’s been on her mind all day, I wait just a little longer until I see the angst and undeniable passion pushing her nearly over the edge, until I know the love between her legs turns hot and damp. She rolls her neck, biting her beautiful full bottom lip before pulling both legs open and running her hands accented with red acrylic nails over her womanhood. We never break eye contact, not as we pull off our jeans, shirt and bra, caressing every inch of our bodies.

And right when I know she’s ready, I reach into the night stand and grasp our familiar friend, wasting no time plunging him in as each curve and detail molds into every crevice inside growing wetter with each thrust. Once I hit the power button, the vibrations send a chill down our spines. I watch her gasp before her eyes roll back.

Now I roll back, burying my head into my throws and pillows and I’ve lost sight of her, so now it’s just me. I send my moans and groans up to the ceiling and the echo in my bedroom, my sanctuary, sends them back down to me. I squeeze and buck my hips shouting, cursing, continuing to pull and push the toy in and out, feeling like I may explode or wet my sheets. And finally, traveling from the soles of my feet, through the flutter in my heartbeat, back down to my lady parts, my climax overcame my body and as I shook and my body stiffened, I began to pulsate. I sat up and our eyes met once again before we bid farewell until our next blissful session.”

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