The First Time With My Wife

by T.L.

People always said that I married out of my league and I couldn’t agree more. My wife is the most beautiful woman I have ever met. I am not even exaggerating. She is a 10, and I am a solid 7.

Even after 6 years and two kids down, I still find her very sexy. I mean, who wouldn’t? With her radiant skin that glows in the sun, big beautiful brown eyes, full lips, and gorgeous curly hair. Don’t get me started with her figure. She is blessed.

I still remember the first day we made love. We were coming from dinner, and as a gentleman, I offered to walk her to the door. She wore a black, low-cut dress that showed off her softly arched back and her well-sculptured curvaceous body. As she took one step after the other, her hips swayed from side to side. I was so engrossed in the glorious sight that I missed a step and almost fell. She looked at me and we both laughed. 

“Are you okay?” She asked as she reached for my hand. “I’ll live,” I said, desperately trying to hide the obvious bulge in my pants. 

She removed her keys from the purse, and I knew this was my cue. I moved closer and we were now facing each other. I wanted to kiss her and tell her how I felt but my heart was beating so fast, I would probably stutter. The sexual tension between us was astronomical, and my now fully erect dick wasn’t helping the situation.

“I guess we should call it a night,” she said looking directly into my eyes. Her sultry gaze and moonlit face made my whole body shiver with excitement. She knew exactly what she was doing and it was working. 

“Or would you like to come in?” She said flirtatiously. Did I hear that right, was it a test? The last thing I wanted to do was blow my chances. I knew she was the woman of my dreams, the woman I wanted to marry. I hesitated.

“Are you sure?” I knew once I got inside, there was no going back. I wanted her so bad that even the slightest possibility of seeing her naked body and slipping my hard penis in her, made me squirm.  

As soon as we entered the house, she went to get water from the kitchen. I could have just stayed still on the couch and waited, but the alluring sight of her bare back switched some buttons. So I followed her. She was standing by the sink pouring a glass of water.  I moved closer and placed both my hands on her waist. I thought she would move or shrug in disapproval, but she didn’t. With her ass rubbing on my crotch and one hand tightly clasped on her waist, I turned her body around.

I touched her lips softly and guided her head slowly so that her head was now resting on my chest. I caressed her neck gently as I ran my index finger along her torso down to the stomach. I cupped her right breast and she gasped in pleasure. I pulled her dress up to her waist revealing red lacy panties. I couldn’t believe this was actually happening. I slid my hand in her panties slowly and she slightly spread her legs in anticipation. 

Her perky breasts fully exposed, dress up to her waist, and her panties down to her hips. Her eyes were begging me to fuck her, but it wasn’t time yet.  I started kissing her vigorously, then gently, tasting her strawberry flavored lips. Then I moved to her tender breasts, rubbing her nipples in turns with my warm tongue as she closed her eyes and opened her mouth sensually. I moved down, tracing her stomach with my tongue while maintaining eye contact. I was now in a squatting position. It’s like she already knew what was about to happen. She spread her legs even further giving me consent to lick her.

I leaned forward, spread her lips with my fingers, and started licking. My tongue swirled on her clitoris from right to left then in circular motion fast, then slow. I then sucked it with my lips like sweet candy. I did this until her body shook wildly as she reached her orgasm.

I turned her around, and bent her over. I freed my hard cock from my pants then entered her from behind. It was heavenly. I slipped in and out rhythmically while holding her waist. I couldn’t hold it any longer and exploded inside her. She turned around and smiled at me. I pulled her close, hugged her so tight. That’s the day I promised to never let her go.

Today, as I watched her busy at the computer, she looked more beautiful than ever and memories came rushing back. I figured that with two kids and a business to run, she needed a break and a nice fuck. So I asked her to meet me in the bedroom.

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