A Long Day

By Laila Jones

Cynthia parks the car and rushes into the house.  There is nothing more she wants to do then peel off her bra and take a hot shower.  Her work day at the hospital was rough to say the least.  The horrible start to the day was someone bumping into her as she walked to the nurses’ station.  She now takes off the bra sticky with hazelnut creamer.  She thinks of pouring herself a glass of wine knowing she needs to release the pressures of the day.  

    In the shower working up a lather Cynthia slowly soaps her breasts and neck. She isn’t sure if it is the slow circles or the pull of the release she needs that cause her nipples to poke through the bubbles.  As she lathers her stomach and thighs her nipples grow firmer.  Cynthia quickly finishes her shower and walks to her bedroom.  She pulls out the coconut oil she keeps near her plush lip shaped pillow.  

   Cynthia unscrews the lid and rubs oil onto her fingers.  Laying back on the duvet she spreads her legs and a delicious smile creeps across her lips.  She teases herself sliding her hand down her mound slowly moving to her sweet spot.  Just as her fingers sink in she feels her nipples straining against her towel.  The coconut oil and her juices mix together making her fingers slick with pleasure. 

“Cyn”  she hears her name called so she opens her eyes just a slit. Marc, her husband, is standing at the foot of the bed with his inseam straining.  She opens her legs wider putting on a show as she runs her tongue seductively across her top lip.  Marc watches her as he fumbles to take off his belt.  He climbs on the bed and takes her finger out of her sweet spot and tastes her and the coconut oil on her fingers. Marc slides his own fingers inside as he flicks her clitoris with his tongue.  Cynthia puts her foot up over his shoulder to allow him more access. The sensation of Marc licking her, thrusting fingers in and out is glorious.  He reaches up to fondle her breast.  Cynthia holds his head in place as she whines her waist.  He reaches down to grab the lip shaped pillow and slides it under her butt.  Cynthia rolls over to her stomach and smiles back at Marc over her shoulder. His pants are down in a flash and he slides deep inside her. Cynthia does a low moan and massages his shaft tensing and relaxing her muscles.  Their moans and bodies are rhythmic. Marc feels Cynthia begin to shudder so he does quick , hard pumps to intensify her orgasm.   

 Cynthia feels Marc thighs tighten behind her and she knows he is on this ride with her.  She thrusts back as he thrust forward until they both climax.  Marc rubbing his wife’s back in slow circles says “ Let me actually take all of these clothes off and then round 2.”  Cynthia laughs.

Photo by Brodie Vissers from Burst

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