A Wicked Smile

Written by Laila Jones

A wicked smile danced on her lips as they stumbled to kick their shoes off and make it to the leather couch in the den.  She stepped back to take all of him in, he was so sexy.  He licked his lips and slowly unbuttoned his dress shirt. The tie and his jacket already lay in a pile near his shoes.  His dark skin looked sculpted from mahogany.  She let her eyes travel down his six pack to the v that she was sure was crafted in the gym.  “Like what you see, Yvette?”  he said. Her response was a smile and a deep kiss.  Yvette pointed to the leather couch. He backed over not wanting to miss her slip her slinky dress over her curves.  He had been right she wasn’t wearing a bra.  As she lowered her dress she exposed firm dark nipples that made his mouth water like they were Hershey kisses.  His dick swelled against the fabric of his underwear.  He pulled them off and tossed them on the floor. 

 Yvette turned her back to him so he could get a full view off her full hips and ample bottom as she pulled the dress completely off.  She knew the way seeing her body made men react.  Her booty was round and high, she had long legs with thick thighs.  Her skin was smooth and had the right amount of sheen.  Yvette ran her hands over her cocoa colored stomach.  She slipped a hand into the front of her lacy panties and could see him come to full attention.  Not wanting to waste anymore time she walked to the couch and let him pull her panties down.  She put one pedicured foot up on the couch standing right in front of him.  She began to play with herself while she looked directly into his eyes.  He pulled Yvette towards him.  Cupping her ample bottom, he took a tentative lick.  Yvette let out a gasp.  He began to get really into tasting her.  Yvette held onto his head as he let his tongue show how excited he was.  Yvette’s body shuddered against his mouth.  He sat back and now he had a sly smile.  He stroked his penis and with a bent finger told her to come to him.  

Yvette straddled him, taking in all of the girth.  As he filled her up she let out a deep moan.  Yvette placed her hands on the back of the couch to give herself some stability before she got to work.  He caressed her pert breasts.  He took one of her nipples on his mouth and teased it with his tongue.  Yvette threw her head back and her lips parted and she released a sound that made him get even thicker.  He could feel her sweet wetness slide down his shaft.  He palmed her booty and they got to it.  Yvette worked her hips like she was wearing a hula hoop.  He smacked her on the bottom. The grip he had on her booty was necessary because she began to ride him with syncopation that had them both moaning and gasping like they never had.  

 He leaned back so he could take in all this loveliness.  She rode his dick so well he nearly came at the sight of her breasts bouncing while she rode him.  He thrusted up to meet her and he felt her squeeze him.  Yvette placed her hands on his muscular chest and rode just the head.  He asked her to kneel on the couch.  He got behind her, gathered her braids in one hand and held onto her waist.  He plunged deeply into her and she threw her head back.  He caressed her back as he did shallow thrusts. He slid both of his hands along her body and ended up on her breasts.  He massaged them and then gave each nipple a little squeeze.  He felt her body begin to shake.  He pinched and squeezed one nipple while he teased her clit with the other hand.  Yvette was in the zone and he wanted to join her.  He waited until he felt her body convulsing and then he came.  The release was like the sun bursting in your groin and spreading throughout your body.  He rested some of his weight on her bottom.  

They dressed in silence with smiles on their faces.  Yvette held her shoes in her hands and got on her toes to kiss him.  She tucked her panties into his pocket and gave a playful squeeze to his manhood.  Yvette held onto a table in order to slip her heels back on. She smoothed her hands over her dress and stepped to the door.  Opening the door Yvette saw the wait staff from the party carrying trays of drinks and hors d’oeuvres  to the party goers.  Yvette turned back to him before they went back to the party.  “Give me your card. “He reached into his pocket and passed her a business card.  “Nice to meet you Jackson, maybe we can do this again.”  Yvette sauntered out of the room and made her way to the front door.  This was the best networking event that she had ever been to.

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