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Written by Laila Jones

I didn’t want to go out, but my friends were over my hermit antics. I sat on my bed wearing a towel around my body and I pulled off my shower cap.  My twist out puffed out, still defined and voluminous.  I looked at my reflection and gave myself a pep talk. “Go out to eat and have fun with your peoples.”  Then you can hide out again for a few because you were social. Bet!”  My phone buzzed, it is probably Tisha being bossy and vetoing my outfit.  I was correct. The text read: Izzy don’t put on baggy jeans.  I stomped my foot like a child and reached for high waist peg leg chinos.  I will relent and put on a V neck to show off my décolletage. I threw on my Doc Martens.  I was already far out of my comfort zone enough so they would need to let me slide on my shoe choice.  By the time I applied mascara, perfume and chapstick I heard the horn.  “Isadora, hurry up ho! I need all of the drinks.”  I came out to Maya hanging out the moon roof wearing a crop top that barely contained all her goods.  Maya and Tisha had been my girls since we were in elementary school!  I loved them like they were my sisters.  I hopped into the car and we headed to grab food first.  

We slid into a booth at Applebee’s and ordered appetizers and drinks for them.  “Izzy, do you want something to drink?  Might give your antisocial ass some act right.”  Maya high fived Tisha.  My friends were blunt and hilarious.  I laughed and stuck with my order of water with lemon.  After eating and a few drinks for my friends we hit the first spot.  Tisha walked in dancing.  Maya was instantly flirting with the bartender and I secured a table.  Maya carried six shots to the table walking with an exaggerated switch.  She hadn’t paid for drinks in forever.  “See I can’t do that.  I just don’t have that sexy mojo like you two.”  Tisha flagged me. “You are pretty Izzy; you just don’t give anyone a chance. Tonight let’s just let our hair down!”  I drank a shot and winced.  Maya dragged me to the dance floor.  After a few spins on the floor, they decided all the dudes were corny and we went to the next spot.

Maya knew the bouncer. He called us forward to the front of the line.  He asked Maya when she was going to let him take her out.  She winked and sashayed into the club.  This spot did look more promising. The lighting was perfect and the DJ was doing a great job.  I walked to a curved seating area with a little table that was close to the dance floor.  Maya and Tisha headed to the bathroom to touch up their makeup and I waited for the server to come over.  I ordered drinks for my friends and a virgin drink for myself.  I would drive us all back to my place after we danced into the wee hours of the night.

As usual Maya and Tisha got approached by guys as soon as they came to the booth. Tisha told the guy she would after she had a drink.  He asked her what he could buy us all.  He waved over a server and told her to put our drinks on his tab.  He headed back over to his friends who were totally impressed.  Maya said she wanted to dance for a little with just friends but she would find him.  We chair danced as we nursed our drinks.  Tisha found her new friend and pulled onto the dance floor.  Maya dragged me onto the floor.  As we twerked and laughed I could see guys headed our way.  After four songs I went to the bathroom.  

I went to our seat and I could feel eyes on me.  I turned and saw him!  Standing at the end of the bar was a guy with shoulder length wavy hair.  He had piercing green eyes and golden skin.  I tried to keep a straight face as I took in this gorgeous man.  It was like he had his own spotlight.  He raised his eyebrows as if to ask permission to come over.  I smiled with butterflies flitting in my stomach.  He must want me to make an introduction to my friends.  As he walked over to me through the throngs of people grinding, dancing and laughing I could feel my pulse quicken. It was like he was walking in slow motion with his own theme song.  He introduced himself as Dorian.  His voice was low and sexy. I couldn’t place the accent.  He reached to shake my hand and I swear I felt tingles through my body.  Why did I drink that shot, I felt flush?  I was trying to be sly and make eye contact with my girls.  They seemed just as enamored as I was at his sex appeal.  He still had my hand in his as I was looking over his shoulder at my friends shimmying their shoulders.  The rest of the night was surreal! Dorian and I talked for hours. He was enchanting to me. I could not believe that this sexy being was devouring my every word.  I was awestruck when he asked to see me again and kissed the back of my hand.

On the drive home I replayed the night in my head.  Just being close to him made me feel like a schoolgirl. Once we got in, showered and were cozy in our pjs, we settled in for a recap.  Maya talked about all the guys that tried to push up on her. Some were so forward and asked to do all sorts of naughty things to her. Tisha swapped numbers with Mr. Tab but she didn’t feel the spark.  I told them that Dorian said we would see each other again but I wasn’t holding out for it.

A few days passed and then I got a text asking if I could talk.  I responded yes.  I checked myself in the mirror as if Dorian could see how I looked.  Our phone conversation was just as interesting as that night in the club.  I couldn’t believe how connected I felt to someone that I barely knew.  Weeks passed with talks, dinners out and a few romantic but chaste dates.  Maya told me he was married since he hadn’t made a move yet.  Tisha joked that he wanted a submissive.  

Dorian was always such a gentleman, but I was beyond ready! I decided to invite him over for dinner.  He accepted and now I needed to set my trap. I wanted the evening to be so perfect that we would end the night in my bed. I had three days to prepare.  The night of the date I was so nervous and wondered if I could actually go through with it.  I set the table, lit the candles and turned on Maxwell low for some background noise.  Dorian was punctual and fine!  The sight of him made my knees feel like jelly. He came in, kissed both of my cheeks and sat on the couch.  He began looking through my coffee table books. 

Dinner went well and then I began to lose my nerve.  I excused myself to the bathroom. I looked into the mirror and gave myself a pep talk “Woman up, Izzy. You can do this!”  I walked out of the bathroom and bumped right into Dorian. He looked into my eyes and I felt I was under a spell.  We walked silently into my bedroom.  I sat on the bed watching him undress. I could feel my nipples firm up against the fabric of my bra.  Dorian stood there in all his naked glory.  I stood and began to undress.  He seemed to beckon me to him but I never saw his mouth move.  He ran his hands down my shoulders and then my back.  I wanted him to kiss me so badly yet all of his movements were slow and deliberate.  Dorian pulled me towards him and I could feel his hardness against my body.  I was wet and aching for him to touch me. Again he seemed to tell me to lay on the bed but no words passed his lips.  

“Dorian, I want you.”  “I know, “ he said wordlessly.  He kissed my neck and ran his hands over my body. Everywhere he touched seemed to be licked but sensual flames.  Dorian parted my legs and began to kiss my thighs.  My legs quivered and I grabbed the sheets.  He hovered just above my apex and I could feel his warm breath tickling me. The anticipation was driving me nuts.  Just as I was about to beg him to take me he tilted his head back , bared fangs that he sunk into my thigh.  What was happening?  I felt intoxicated and sure that I had not seen correctly.  Dorian licked my thigh and then teased his tongue inside me.  My clit throbbed as he masterfully swirled his tongue over it.  I grabbed a fistful of his hair as he hungrily lapped at me.  It was like I heard him directing me but his mouth was exploring my body.  I arched my back and spread my legs wider. Dorian continued to pleasure me while he reached up and massaged my breasts.  Dorian got up and stood at the side of the bed.    I took the length of him in my hand stroking him as I licked the head. I couldn’t get enough but here came wordless directions again.  I lay flat on the bed as he wanted.  Dorian went down on me again; it was just as dizzying as before and I was clawing at the sheets because it was otherworldly!  Dorian gave me just a little time to catch my breath and then he planted soft kisses over my body starting with my toes.  Each kiss was electrifying and I felt like I was in a dream.  Just when I thought I could take no more he glided inside of me.  I was totally his and it was like an out of body experience.  I reached climax and he still continued to thrust in and out making me feel like my head was spinning.  

 He rolled onto his back holding me close to him so that I was now on top.  I rode him like my life depended on it.  Our bodies moved in chorus.  Again I climaxed; this only seemed to make Dorian harder.  Wordless directions told me to allow him to sit up.  He got in a seated position and I sat back on him.  Every inch I took brought me to the brink of insanity.  I rode Dorian slowly and kissed him deeply.  I could taste myself on his tongue but I felt no fangs.  I guess this intense sex had me hallucinating.  I grabbed on the headboard feeling another orgasm coming.  Dorian held my head at the nape of my neck and ran his tongue over my nipple.  I had never felt so amazing! I ran my fingers through Dorian’s hair and I shuddered yet again.  As my body convulsed I watched him sink his fangs into my breast.  I knew at this moment what Dorian really was but I would let him drain me if it meant more nights like this.  

I woke up the next day and went to the bathroom mirror. I saw the proof.  Two pinpoints on my areola and on my inner thigh.  I twisted my head to see if there were any marks on my neck. A saw there was none and turned on the water for a shower.  In the shower lathering my body I got flashes of my night with Dorian.  I shut the water off and dried off.  Somehow I made it through my day at work and even was able to complete some work although I replayed the night on loop. After work I arrived home after grabbing a salad and steak from my favorite restaurant.  I straightened the kitchen, responded to emails and showered.  It had been dangerous but utterly mind blowing to be with Dorian but I resolved that once was enough. I walked into the bedroom and placed my towel on the hook.  My phone buzzed, a text.  I walked to the front door, no towel and a swirl of emotions.  I opened the door and let Dorian in. 

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